The rise in demand for interim recruitment

Interim Recruitment is the temporary provision of resources and skills at managerial and other levels. These short-term positions are often referred to as ‘assignments’, and vary in length dependent on an organisation’s needs. Assignments can last anything from a couple of weeks to 18 months.

When might Interim appointments be used?

A number of scenarios demand experienced people at the appropriate level, who can be engaged quickly, efficiently, and without a long-term obligation. That is where Interims excel.

Whilst there are numerous variable scenarios in which Interims can be used, there are some that are common to many businesses, for example:

  • Strategic reorientation, reorganisation and restructuring;
  • Transformational change programmes;
  • Driving through a delivery mechanism;
  • Programme & Project Management;
  • Provision of continuity and stability of service to bridge a vacancy whilst a permanent search is conducted, either as a role is created or after the departure of an incumbent;
  • Crisis management or the management of special situations;

The common theme present in all these scenarios is the immediate and short-term need for a skill-set that is not currently available within the organisation.

Interim management has been implemented effectively in a variety of job functions in organisations spanning many sectors, with great diversity in the tasks at hand.

The Benefits of Interim Appointments

There are several factors that make the Interim model an increasingly popular and cost-effective solution to short-term needs.

  • Speed: an Interim can be sourced and start work within a very short timeframe, with typically 5 working days between brief and interviews, which is essential in many scenarios.
  • Expertise: Interims are often over-qualified for the assignments they undertake. Once they had achieved a high level of seniority and expertise in their field, many of the professionals that One Hit work with chose to leave permanent employment and focus their career exclusively on interim work. This means that our Interims not only have significant experience in their function, but also a seasoned understanding of implementing their skills and knowledge effectively in a short-term context.
  • Objectivity: as an independent operator, an Interim can provide an honest and objective perspective, without agenda.
  • Flexible Resource: Interims work through their own Limited Company, which avoids the legal obligations of taking on a permanent employee – redundancy, holiday pay, pensions, statutory sick pay, benefits, and PAYE, to cite some examples.
  • Return on Investment: Interims provide their services priced at either an hourly or a daily rate of payment. Pricing can also be done on a project basis over a defined period.  This means the cost of hire is easily calculable. Rates are often set on the understanding of measurable goals and objectives being achieved, not just on the basis of attendance. The money an Interim Manager saves a business versus the cost of hire can often provide an extremely lucrative ROI figure.

Working with A & M Recruitment can give you immediate access to our select pool of proven Interims who have the knowledge, experience, and gravitas necessary to step into key roles with immediate impact and help ease your Local or Unitary Authority through the diverse challenges and periods of transition that is so frequently faced today.

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