Here’s our take on the job market post lockdown

Post lockdown public sector jobs

The current downturn in the economy means that job mobility is on the decrease in the Public Sector; is this good or bad news?

Employment mobility has been evident for over a year now and 2021 has seen all the indicators go positive. Smart and successful people will always move and move well, whatever the economic climate. So a buoyant economy usually means that the less ambitious start to seek opportunities also.

It is vital that Local Authorities understand the segmentation of the talent pool and how to navigate key obstacles such as house price differentiation. In this type of rising climate interview processes must be tight and often more extensive to ensure that the best people are recruited. The use of interims is a good way of bridging a gap at a senior or vital level. Interims are fast to recruit and are not tied down by employment law. Using interims wisely can allow full-time recruitment processes to proceed in a considered way to ensure a strong hire is made.

As our economy continues to improve post lockdown, the dynamics start to change again and the candidates will start to become more selective. The employer has to therefore think carefully about how employment packages are structured and how the culture of their organisation comes across.

Private Sector jobs market looks for autumn buoyancy

The Private Sector employment market will show strong signs of recovery in the 12-15 months post lockdown. Private Sector recruitment is always one of the key indicators of economic health and companies will clearly expanding and grow as the UK economy will be at the forefront of all the European economies.

Whilst all this is great positive news, the pandemic has impacted the recruitment industry and the rise of alternative channels for job search has increased significantly. Social media, the websites of companies, and significant improvements in on-line recruitment are seeing a reduction in the number of effective agencies and print media advertising. As ever, Networking and introductions are always at the beating heart of job searching.

Take advantage of being ahead of this changing landscape and work with it, rather than rely on the mechanisms you may have used previously. This part of our landscape is changing constantly, so you need to stay at the forefront of the latest developments.

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