Why you should not be afraid to pursue your dream job?

Working at a job just to make ends meet in a conventional sense might seem straightforward and easy, but that’s part of the problem: if you truly want to push your life beyond its normal boundaries then you have to take on truly massive challenges. You might enjoy financial security, peace of mind, and an easy life if you have a decent job that pays the bills – maybe even a top job – with a respectable company.

But inevitably, unless you somehow work your way up to becoming the managing director of a business in which you started at the bottom, how will you ever truly be fulfilling your potential or shape your own destiny if you do things the conventional, safe, predictable way?

There are a few key points worth remembering:

Talk to others

First, be aware that you’re not literally alone. You can ask family and friends for advice and support. You can also ask professionals – and online and community-based resources. The world is not limited; there are always places where you can learn what you need to know. Think about what kinds of things you might discuss to draw friends and family into your idea: mentioning various points around career opportunities, your likes, dislikes, etc; and then engage with them and see what they have to say. Listen carefully and intently, because you never know what amazing piece of advice you might get from the right person at the right time and in the right place.

What do you really want?

Second, think about what you really want to achieve, deep down, with this new endeavour. Do you have a massive ambition you’ve always put off because you knew you could never reach the goals required to get it within the company you’ve been working for? Perhaps your standard job never truly suited you and was always just second best? Or you were working with the wrong people? Or you have some genuinely new ideas that you know only you can achieve as your own boss? Think about all of these things, write them down and then make them part of a plan to fulfil all your goals around this.

Start Simple

Third, don’t be put off by the perhaps unpleasantly daunting idea of needing to do something humongous or mind blowing right from the very start. You don’t need to. All you need to do is take the first step towards achieving your larger goals. There’s nothing wrong with it being easy at the beginning (it will get harder later), so enjoy that moment and how it helps you to adjust to the entire process of your career development.


Never give up on the job of your dreams. If you have always wanted to be this or that – do better, in fact, than you would working for another company – then just begin taking the steps to do so. Never feel it’s impossible; it just requires dedication, patience and effort to secure your dream job.

It does exist.

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