Assistant Reception Manager

Position Summary:

Manages daily restaurant operations and assists with menu planning maintains sanitation standards and assists servers and hosts on the floor during peak meal periods.

Strives to continually improve guest and employee satisfaction and maximize the financial performance in areas of responsibility.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Oversea the dining area, supervises food and beverage service staff in accordance with operating policies that he or she may help establish.
  2. Creates a positive team atmosphere among Team Members.
  3. Maintains records of staff periodic manner and operating costs.
  4. Provides feedback and coaching to the Team regularly.
  5. Understands building capability through Cross training
  6. Treats all Team Members fairly, with respect.
  7. Sets high standards for appropriate team behaviour on shift.
  8. Works with food and beverage staff to ensure proper food presentation and proper food-handling procedures.
  9. Handle guest complaints in restaurants.
  10. Schedules periodic food and beverage service staff meetings to ensure correct interpretation of policies and obtain feedback from staff members.
  11. Maintain budget and employee records, prepare payroll, and pay bills, or monitor bookkeeping records.
  12. Check the quality of deliveries of fresh food and baked goods.


Has effectively managed Team Members for 12+ months.

Previous experience in similar Job role.

Coached and improved performance of at least one poorly performing Team member/Manager.

A high standard of spoken Italian & English.

Flexible working hours subject to the demands of the business.

Effective Communication, Supervising People, Teamwork.

Valid EU passports for more than six months.


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